Skylanders Swap Force Freeze Blade and Trap Shadow at Toys R Us

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skylanders swap force freeze blade trap shadow
There are still unreleased Skylander Swap Force characters! Which is kind of crazy, considering the game came out way back in October 2013, but I guess Activision just knows how to milk a good thing. Toys R Us just sent out an email announcement letting everyone know that the two of the last swappable figures, Freeze Blade and Trap Shadow, are coming to stores.

Now, as Skylanders Swap Force players will know, the swappable characters can be pretty important. Not only does each one have a special ability that lets them participate in certain minigames, but their mix-and-matchable nature means it’s the only way to get through dual-element gates in single player mode. Fortunately, both Freeze Blade and Trap Shadow’s abilities are such that you may have already unlocked the areas they correspond to with other characters.

Freeze Blade is a water Skylander, like Washbuckler. He also has the same Speed ability as Magna Charge. Washbuckler comes with every Skylanders Swap Force starter kit and Magna Charge has pretty much been out since the game was released, so you’re set there. Trap Shadow, on the other hand, may prove more valuable. He’s a magic swappable character, like Hoot Loop, with the Sneak ability. Since the other Sneak character, Stink Bomb, only just came out within the last few months, it’s more likely you’ll need this dude. They’re $14.99 each, when you can find them.

You all know I’m a big Skylander fan, but for some reason I didn’t really keep up with the Skylander Swap Force characters. I grabbed a few, yeah, but didn’t have a whole list of which ones I did and didn’t have to get and use in my game. The only one I really had on my list for a while was Stink Bomb, because he was the one of the only swappable characters with the Sneak ability. Which is odd, because this last group of characters was really imaginative. Maybe I just grew up? (Ha!)

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