K’nex lets you build your own Titanfall titan starting at $34.99

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Knex titanfall

K’nex has finally revealed and priced all the sets it will release this fall based on Titanfall. K’nex is covering all its bases as far as pricing is concerned. The cheapest sets will cost $12.99. Those sets won’t include any titans, but they’ll come with either an IMC pilot and Spectre or a Militia pilot and a Spectre. They’ll also include a small build of a platform. But you probably don’t care about those sets. You want the titans. For that, you’ll be paying at least $34.99.

There will be two $34.99 titan-focused sets. The IMC Atlas Titan Building Set has over 160 pieces and includes a pilot. The Militia Ogre Titan Building Set is pretty much the same thing but with a Militia pilot and the Ogre Titan. The titans will be 12-inches tall.

If you want to set the entire scene, you can buy the Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building Set for $99.99. It has over 1,200 pieces, two titans, six figures and structures that make up the city.

I’m pretty excited about these, but I have my reservations. I hope all the details on the titans are actually printed pieces and not stickers. Also, in my experience with K’nex sets, the clutch power of the bricks are bad. That means they have a hard time staying together and have a tendency to fall off while you’re building. Also $35 for about 160 pieces is a pretty high price per piece ratio. That’s about $0.22 a piece. I know it’s a licensed product, but wow that’s high.

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