A Canadian PS4 is now $450

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ps4While the price of the Xbox One is actually decreasing in some areas in Europe, the opposite is happening with the PS4. Sony’s console has been in pretty high demand since it’s November 2013 release, as many people who want one can confirm, and that means the PS4‘s about to get more expensive in one country. Don’t worry, that country isn’t the United States. It’s our neighbor to the North, Canada.

The Toronto Sun talked to Sony’s Canadian division and learned the awful truth. The PS4 is going to be $449.99 in Canada. Previously, it was $399.99, the same price as a PS4 in the United States. And it isn’t just because the American dollar value is that much higher than the Canadian dollar right now. Sony told the newspaper that it’s due to market environment changes, which can also include supply and demand issues. We know people want PS4s, they’re willing to pay more for them online, so now they’ll have to pay more in general as well.

The price has also gone up on PS4 accessories and games. The DualShock 4 and PlayStation Camera are now $64.99 each, instead of $59.99 each. Game prices have also gone up, with multiplatform games costing at least $64.99 and PS4 exclusives going for as much as $69.99.

Since the PS4 is so hard to find, it means resellers are going to be jacking up the prices on the consoles and peripherals they’re selling. A vicious cycle has begun. While this is quite a blow, Canadians do have an alternative. The PS4 is a region-free console. Take a little road trip or import a console from the United States, perhaps. You may just save a little money. But then again, with the exchange rates being what they are now, it may be smarter to give it a few months, perhaps until fall, and then look for a used console or maybe even a holiday bundle.

Source [Toronto Sun]

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