Ouya games will no longer require demos

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ouya android gift guideWhen Ouya first came on the scene, the platform had a requirement that every game be free to try. That is, every game required a demo version so the customer would know exactly what they were getting into before making a purchase. The demo requirement was a selling point for Ouya, and the company did not hesitate in promoting that aspect of its service. But now, Ouya has had a change of heart. In the future, developers will be able to decide whether or not they want to release a demo for their game.

Ouya explained its reasoning in a blog post. Since the console’s release, Ouya’s demo requirement ended up being a roadblock for some developers. We don’t know how many of them passed on Ouya because of this, but it had to be enough to warrant a change in policy.

“Free to Try seemed like an obvious choice for an open platform,” the blog post reads. “We knew it appealed to gamers, but it turned out many devs had trouble meeting the requirement, didn’t want to make a demo, or weren’t sure how to monetize their game.”

Ouya is now talking up the notion of giving developers choices and helping them fulfill the goal of getting their game on televisions. There has also been talk recently of Ouya not doing so well as a whole. The platform will become a part of the M.O.J.O. Android console, and will probably make its way to other platforms as well.

This new development may result in more developers coming to Ouya. Only time will tell.

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