Disney Magical World Diary Day 3: That’s My Cafe

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disney magical world donald
I’ve really been enjoying my Nintendo-sponsored journey to Disney Magical World so far. I had spent the last few days going through the motions of the Prologue, and was so very close to the magic number. 10 stickers, and I’d have my own cafe. I could almost taste it. For now, though, I had another task to accomplish.

I knew next few tasks would have to do with Donald Duck, as the Prologue Happy Sticker map’s next two icons had a fishing pole and anchor on them. However, I didn’t realize that it meant I’d get to meet two more famous, Castleton natives. My prior actions had unlocked the workship, and manning them were none other than Chip and Dale. And, shock and awe, they even had voice actors!

If I wanted to start becoming a respectable businesswoman, I was going to have to learn to fish first. Chip and Dale sent me to Donald to learn the fishing pole recipe. He gave me a branch for the first part, but sent me to Uncle Scrooge’s store for the line. It sounded a bit suspicious. You know, sending me to the “family” store to get the last piece of the pole puzzle, but what are you going to do? I went along with it, pieced it together, and soon was ready to be Donald’s prize pupil.

Fishing in Disney Magical World is most similar to Harvest Moon‘s mechanic. I would sit down at a designated fishing spot, usually a rock or log, and cast into the lake. (Rivers and oceans eventually become available as well.) Shadows of fish would appear on the surface, and I would have to cast near one. A fish would then bite, requiring me to press A. I then had to press A every time a prompt appeared, until the fish was finally caught. Once I had it, the fish open it’s mouth and burb out some kind of crafting material as a prize. I would then send it back into the pond. The game is animal-friendly, so of course it’s a catch-and-release affair. Once I proved myself, Donald had me catch two more varieties of fish before I received the magic 10th Happy Sticker.

This one was the one. The second I placed it, I raced to the castle to open the specially sealed chest and prove I was the one who deserved a free business. Everyone was shocked, but seemed happy enough for me, and the king sent me off to survey my new establishment.

disney magical world ecoli cafeThe cafe was actually pretty well off, to start. There were three tables, with four chairs around each one. One manager and staff member were there, ready to work, and both welcomed me inside. The first thing I had to do was name my new place, and I decided I wanted something that really set me apart. Something that would make people pause, but then giggle. So, within moments, I settled upon E.Coli. Because why not. I mean, the manager seemed pretty happy with my decision.

The key to any cafe is food, so the first thing to do was make some for people to enjoy. To start, the manager had me make one snack and one drink. Thanks to my diligent gathering around Castletown, I already had all the ingredients for both and made up some batches of Moonbutter Pancakes and Pink Happiness Smoothies. 50 of each were made in one go, so I’d be able to leave the cafe without worry while I explored the rest of Disney Magical World‘s… world.

With both made, the Chancellor stopped by on behalf of the king to sample the goods. After he approved and left, the manager discussed how I could make sweets, told me I could change furniture and the staff’s clothing, and even alter the cafe’s name if I decided I wanted something different. He also offered the profits from the first sale, which I could claim anytime from the restaurant menu. But, now that I was all set up, I was ready to head out and explore some more.

But, before I could, I had to greet my new fans. With E.Coli cafe opened, a crowd had gathered in front. I went outside with my manager and saw Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. They were all super excited about my new business, and had come to offer congratulations. Except then, something special happened. A living, floating camera, named Cameron, appeared. (And he sounded like Yuri Lowenthal, but I can’t be sure if it was or wasn’t him voicing the character.) He snapped a picture of us all together, then flew away.

He wasn’t the only visitor to stop by, now that I was a proud business owner. I guess there’s a greater destiny for me in Disney Magical World, because Letitia came by with a letter from Yen Sid. Apparently, I’m going to be somebody’s new apprentice.

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