The powers of inFamous: Second Son

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inFamous: Second Son has been out for a few days and I recently got through my first playthrough. I found it to be a really good experience overall, but I want to concentrate on powers right now. More specifically, I want to give a brief overview on each of them. Make sure you’ve gotten through the game before reading any further. Again, there are spoilers ahead.


I thought smoke was pretty average all the way around. Melee combat is quick, it has decent crowd control capabilities and it lends itself well to players who are both good and evil. Its downside is navigation speed. The teleport move only gets you so far, and you’ll mostly be gliding in the air. It’s fine in the beginning of the game, but I found myself choosing other powers when I wanted to get around quickly.


Neon is a really unique power. From a design standpoint, it helps exemplify the varied color palettes inFamous: Second Son has. I love seeing the neon pink silhouette of Delsin as he runs through the city. Running across the city is really easy and most structures don’t impede your progress. To me, Neon is a better standard power set than smoke.


Video powers? Who thought of that one? Delsin literally absorbs powers from television sets and satellite dishes to facilitate these abilities. The craziest thing is his powers are straight out of a fictional video game. He temporarily sprouts wings to cover long distances quickly, and can call down angels to fight for him. He also gets a really powerful, but very slow digital broadsword. Video is the best way to get around the city. Unlike neon, you have much more freedom to move through the air.


Concrete comes so late in the game, you can’t really fully experience it without continuing playing after the credits roll. Concrete makes Delsin much stronger physically from both an offensive and defensive standpoint. The main tradeoff to this is speed. Delsin can’t run up walls with concrete power. He can levitate with a 3x boost or run down the street encased in concrete. I wouldn’t recommend concrete if you care about keeping citizens safe. It’s a destructive power with a wide attack radius.

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