Skylanders coming back to McDonalds alongside My Little Pony

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skylanders swap force mcdonalds
I think I’m going to be eating a lot of McDonalds over the next few weeks, and I doubt I’ll be the only one. The newest Happy Meal toys have been announced, and they’re all characters from Skylanders Swap Force and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s a one-two punch to fandoms everywhere!

Between March 28 and April 24, 2014, McDonalds will be carrying these exceptionally cute toys. Though, that period may end up being even shorter. You never know how fast these things are going to go, and given the popularity of both Skylanders and My Little Pony, odds are both will go pretty fast.

As you can see above, those are the eight Skylanders Swap Force characters that wil be given away. Eruptor, Prism Break, Free Ranger, Wash Buckler, Magna Charge, Rattle Shake, and Freeze Blade are all there. The little green guy is a Chompy, the generic Skylander enemy. It’s a pretty good roundup, and odds are each one has some special ability. Each one also comes with a $10 off coupon for the Skylanders Swap Force starter pack as well.

skylanders my little pony mcdonalds
The ponies, on the other hand, look like they’re just statues. Which makes them a little less desirable than the Skylanders Happy Meal toys, but at least they’re cute. There are eight of them too, and people might get Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, DJ Pon-3, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna.

Here’s a tip if you’re planning to collect these. Some McDonalds will sell the toys separately for between $1-2. So ask, if you really want one particular character and don’t feel like eating a Happy Meal to get it.

And now I’m dealing with the realization that I didn’t have to look up any of those characters to provide you all with names. I’m not sure if I should be proud or worried. Let’s go with the former.

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  • Brenda

    I am interested in knowing if McDonalds will again have How to train your dragon (2) toys and what time period would it be? The movie comes to theaters in June…Any news regarding this topic? Thanks.

  • http://facebook rhouard

    i gonna be very very happy if you sell rarity,DJ Pon-3, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna.

  • Roman Yeterian

    I love skylanders giants activision can you sead me skylanders I won’t hot dog and flashwing please