Disney Magical World Diary Day 4: I’m Magic

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disney magical world
Nintendo sent me off to explore the lands of Disney Magical World, and what a trip it’s been. I’ve gotten my footing, learned how to scavenge and help others, and even opened my own cafe. But now, things are getting serious. Now, I’m the one who’s magic.

It all happened after Letitia, the anthropomorphic letter, told me Yen Sid wanted to see me. Fortunately, he happened to be my next door neighbor. Though, I doubted I was being summoned as a “Welcome to the neighborhood!” gesture. In fact, I was a little scared he was going to lecture me about keeping the noise down. I mean, I was running a business. Besides, dude looks intimidating.

I was right. Yen Sid had plans for me. Namely, he wanted me as something of an apprentice. He sensed that I might have the potential to use magic. Sure enough, once he gave me a wand, I was spinning and sparkling like never before. But magic wasn’t something to use for frivilous things. It’s used to help other people, and Yen Sid knew some people in desperate need of my assistance.

Cinderella’s kingdom was beseiged by ghosts. They were haunting the kingdom’s forest, and only magic could dispell them. Fortunately, Castleton has a number of magic gateways which teleport to magical lands like Agrabah, Wonderland, and the 100 Acre Wood. Cinderella’s gateway was in the forest on the other side of Yen Sid’s tower, and it only took a few moments for me to run to the rescue.

People in Cinderella’s kingdom seemed a bit surprised to see me. (Probably because of my odd clothing and appearing out of thin air.) But, they also were quite happy to see a mage stopping by. My first mission was to go into the forest and retrieve a small box for one of the villagers.

Here’s where Disney Magical World suddenly turned into an action RPG. Missions require a player to have enough stickers to undertake them. Once one is chosen, you’re able to choose a Quest Outfit, which increases the number of hearts (health) available, and a wand, which determines how many magic shots you’ll get. I then had to go through a forest dungeon, firing magic shots at ghosts to make them go away. There were also plenty of gathering spots for materials. Crystals could be acquired and used for healing or to open a chest the boss would drop. Each area needed to be cleared of ghosts before I could proceed and, once everything was clear, I could get the box and return to the kingdom.

When I gave the box back, I learned the young man had an engagement ring inside for his fiance, and he thanked me as he headed off to ask for her hand. After he went, I was encouraged to replay missions multiple times, as different crafting materials could appear each time.

With the present found, the task done, and Cinderella’s world explore, I return to Castleton to discover something wonderful. I’m done and now, well, I can do what I want! The prologue’s done, and Disney Magical World is mine to explore. Sure, there is a little note on the touch screen, suggesting some stickers I could go for next. But really, I have the freedom to do what I want and I intend to enjoy that as I play and prepare for GamerTell’s full review.

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You’ll be able to go on your own Disney Magical World adventure on April 11, 2014. It’ll be $29.99.

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