This Week On The PlayStation Store, March 25, 2014

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deception IV playstation store
As we get further into the year, there’s more and more to play, including some entertainingly oddball new games. Which means each PlayStation Store update gets a little more exciting. Sure, there are some weeks, like this one, that don’t have as many major releases. Still, it’s always worth checking to see what’s new on the PlayStation Store each week.


Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, $59.99: This has both the original game and its standalone expansion, and is coming to the Vita this week as well for $39.99. Though, you can get the expansion alone on the PS3 for $39.99 this week as well. And it’s pretty much what you expect; you beating up swarms of enemies.

Fez, $14.99: The popular platformer/code-breaking puzzle game makes its debut on the PlayStation platform. This is also a cross-buy release, so it’ll work with the PS3 and Vita as well, worth remembering if you’ve got those systems floating around.


Deception IV: Blood Ties, $59.99: Yes, there have been three Deception games. You probably know the second one better as Trapt. It’s confusing. Anyway, it’s a game where you set up traps to humiliatingly kill heroes as they try to slay you within your dungeon, and promises to be highly, highly entertaining as only a game where splattering the overly self-righteous can be.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight, $49.99: Essentially, this is a cuter Diablo, but really, there’s nothing wrong with a cuter Diablo.

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts, $29.99: When you weren’t looking, this hunting series went completely bonkers. This is an attempt to reel in the bizarre nature of the last few games… although you will still be up against an angry moose.


Destiny of Spirits, Free To Play: This is essentially a turn-based strategy game where you and your friends take down bosses. It’s fun, and balanced, but it might not be for everyone.

PSOne Classics

TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR, $5.99: The network may be dead, but its cheap tie-in games live on. It’s nice to see a racing title, but we’re kind of pushing the boundaries of the word “classic” here, guys.

So, lots to play, and plenty more next week! See you then!

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