Sonic Lost World visits the Legend of Zelda Zone

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sonic lost world
Man, has IGN got an exclusive. So, the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World has been getting free Nintendo-themed DLC. Which is super cool. Yay for Sonic, and hurray for Wii U owners getting something they can brag about. But, the Yoshi’s Island Zone DLC wasn’t super exciting. Fun, but nothing we’d buy a game for. The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC, however, is a different story.

The Sonic Lost World Legend of Zelda Zone gives Sonic a whole Hyrulian world to explore. It’s an open-world level, so you can go anywhere you’d please. Sonic wears Link’s tunic and hat, and collects rupees instead of rings. Legend of Zelda enemies appear instead of classic Sonic the Hedgehog foes. The Skyward Sword version of Link even appears overhead. It’s amazingly detailed and wonderful.

Really, you need to see the Legend of Zelda Zone in Sonic Lost World for yourself.

Did you watch long enough to see the dungeon? It’s all just so cool!

The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC comes to Sonic Lost World on March 27, 2014, when the Wii U eShop updates. It’s a free DLC download, just like the Yoshi’s Island Zone. All you need is the game to download and enjoy this extra adventure.

I have to wonder when we’re going to get the inevitable Super Mario Zone. If Sonic Lost World is getting zones based on Yoshi’s Island and The Legend of Zelda, you know he’s got to be planning a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom too.

Source [IGN]

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