Android Amusements: I am Giraffe

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i am giraffeIf you’re reading Android Amusements, then you know I embrace bad and weird games. We all have our soft spots, and I like stuff that makes me go, “What?” Which is why today we are focusing on I am Giraffe, the recent batch of weirdness from Cocosola. It’s going to be fun. Don’t ask me why I’m smiling like that. Just play along.

I am Giraffe is more an experience and experiment than an actual game. Players begin with something that can only be losely defines as a “giraffe”. It’s that creature at the right over there. Your goal is to tap the other “giraffes” to smash into them. Once they’re knocked out, you tap them again to make your “giraffe” absorb them. Once enough “giraffes” have been absorbed, as indicated by a bubble in the upper left of your screen, your “giraffe” will evolve.

And that’s the whole point of I am Giraffe. I told you it wasn’t much of a game.

Which is okay, because that isn’t the point of playing. The idea is to see what kind of strangeness you can stumble upon. There are multiple “giraffe” evolutions, with more added all the time. You never know which path you’ll head down, or what kind of abomination you’ll end up. Hence the inexplicable fun and delight that comes from the application.

i am giraffeThough, I must admit, that’s part of I am Giraffe‘s trouble. You could end up down the same path you just took, and there’s no way to restart once you’ve got a “giraffe” going. You have to power through and hope for better luck next time.

Still, it isn’t too bad. It works as a timesink during other activities. Text messaging with someone and waiting for their response? Open I am Giraffe for a few minutes. Waiting for an email or call? It’s I am Giraffe time.

It hasn’t been translated yet, like Alpaca Evolution or Alpaca Evolution Begins. This means you can’t go reading the profiles for the “giraffes” you’ve collected yet. However, that doesn’t impair enjoyment of the game. You don’t need to know the language to start evolving your creature.

Plus, it’s a free to play game. Granted, the banner ads on the bottom of the I am Giraffe screen do get annoying. If they become bothersome, turn off network capabilities for the game or turn on airplane mode. You’ll still be able to play, but the ads will be gone.

Honestly, I love I am Giraffe and all it’s weirdness. Cocosola is great for games and applications that are perfect for killing a few minutes. It’s harmless fun and I wholeheartedly encourage you all to give it a try if you have 10 or 15 minutes to spare.

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