I can’t take this Half Minute Hero 2 teasing

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half minute hero 2
Ah, yes, the Goddess’ Whims truly have been activated. We are on the receiving end of some absolutely prime teasing. Every Half Minute Hero 2 tidbit makes us writhe in agony, and it’s just getting worse. I mean, it was bad enough when last year, in October 2013, that we first got our glimmer of hope that Half Minute Hero 2 would come to PCs, but now we’re getting trailers and it’s just too much.

Yes, there’s a Half Minute Hero 2 trailer. It’s translated, shows off the multiplayer mode, and is pretty darn glorious. That screenshot up top is from it, and the full 9 minute trailer is right here.

We get to see quite a bit. Online multiplayer, a map editor, the Goddess Room, and more. Marvelous AQL is laying it on thick. Especially since the trailer also says some kind of announcement is coming soon. But how soon?

For those in the dark, Half Minute Hero and it’s sequel are games that task you with saving the day in 30 seconds. It’s an action RPG, streamlined. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s possible. Some of the earliest maps can be completed in 30 seconds, though there are Goddes Statues in town that can give you extra time if you have the cash. The original Half Minute Hero was one of the PSP’s best games, and eventually was ported to the Xbox 360 and PC. It was known for its multiple game modes, which all tied together. Half Minute Hero 2, however, focuses on the Hero 30 mode. Which means it’s all about the action RPG. Don’t worry though, because it was supposed to be pretty darn amazing despite the lack of variety.

And now, Half Minute Hero 2 is waiting somewhere in the wings. I guess we’ll have to follow it on Twitter and hope for good news soon!

Source [Half Minute Hero on Twitter]

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