Quiet down Leland Yee, you have ‘no credibility’

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leland yeeHere’s a story Rockstar Games will surely lampoon in its next Grand Theft Auto. Multiple sources including ABC News are reporting the FBI arrested California State Senator Leland Yee on charges of bribery and public corruption. Yee earned fame as the spokesman for California legislation that would have criminalized the sale of violent video games to children. The Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional in 2010. The law made Yee an enemy of game publishers and developers. His condescending tone pulled average gamers into the conflict.  In a rant he would later apologize for, he told gamers to “quiet down” and that they had “no credibility.”

Now this next sentence is for the legal team. Senator Yee is innocent of all charges until proven guilty, and an allegation of wrongdoing does not mean he will be convicted. I used to be a police reporter. I know there are plenty of innocent people sitting in America’s prisons. Some of the cases are so trumped up law students can find the proof nobody really looked for 30 years later. This raid isn’t that kind of thing. This is the FBI we’re talking about here, and Yee is in a whole lot of trouble. If he manages to stay outside a jail cell, his political career is over. Unless he runs for mayor of Washington D.C.

What a pandering hypocrite. While demonizing the imaginary gangsters in Grand Theft Auto V , Yee was allegedly palling around with real life mob figures. Among the others arrested in the FBI raids was Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow. This upstanding individual claimed to have turned his back on the criminal life, and was steering kids away from gangs. Authorities are saying it was all a sham, allowing Chow to hide in plain sight. In one of his many anti-game diatribes, Yee blasted video game companies “lust for money.”  Bribery is one of the many charges Yee will face. Let’s review. Virtual criminals are bad, making it easier for actual criminals to murder and rob the state blind was OK with the senator. Not only is he likely a criminal, he’s incredibly dumb for bringing this much attention to himself. If you’re going to hop into bed with the mob, you don’t want your face plastered across every technology and free speech blog in the world. Again, this is a GTA  mission brought to life.

If there’s a state in the union where violent video games are the most pressing political issue, I’m moving the family there right now. Let’s say Yee is innocent of all the charges against him. Yeah right.  He freely admits to being guilty of wasting nearly $2 million of California taxpayers’ money during a huge budget crunch. He did so to fight against violent video games. Here’s a quote from Yee on why that wasn’t a waste:

When you fight the good fight for a cause you know is right and just, and it’s about protecting kids, you don’t ever regret that,”  he said.

What an unbelievable piece of work.

Even if we give him an unlikely pass on the numerous criminal charges he’s facing, that wastefulness alone should have cost him his job. The same applies to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Governator signed off on this law, which is hilarious on a whole other level. If it weren’t for Americans’ enjoyment of violent media, he’d have stood a better chance winning Husband of the Year than California’s gubernatorial race. Schwarzenegger proved to have as much political skill as he does acting range, so he got drummed out of office for numerous other reasons. Hasta la vista, blowhard.

If politicians really want to police morals, they should start with their own community. Once they finish weeding all the liars, cheats and hypocrites out, then they can work on what the rest of us should read, watch and play. Here’s hoping the next time I see “quiet down” in reference to Yee, it’s because he got mouthy with a prison guard.


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