It’s Ouya’s birthday, celebrate with cheaper games

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It has been a whole year since Ouya started going out to individuals who were kind enough to support its Kickstarter campaign. In celebration of this moment, Ouya has placed seven of its first games on sale until the beginning of April.

Here are the games that are on sale.

  • DubWars – 33% off
  • The Ball – 60% off
  • Deep Dungeons of Doom – 50% off
  • Natural Soccer – 33% off
  • The Little Crane That Could – 50% off
  • Nightmare Tower – 50% off
  • Beast Boxing Turbo – 50% off

Since these games were created by some of the first developers to support the Ouya, they should all have demo versions available to try. Going forward, Ouya has made demos an option for developers as opposed to a requirement.

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