Phil Spencer in charge of all things Xbox

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xbox logoIf you’re a gamer who pays attention to the business side of the equation over the last few years, a name has kept coming up in relation to the Xbox. Phil Spencer is, in fact, now the Xbox head honcho, in control of everything. Live, the games, the music, the hardware, the buck stops with him. So what does this means for the Xbox going forward?

A Step Away From Trying To Control The Whole Living Room

For one thing, more focus on games and less focus on the “living room experience.” The Xbox One is undeniably a success by any non-Console War yardstick. It may be selling less than the PS4, but it’s still moved millions of systems where its predecessor had only moved thousands at the same point. Spencer says he wants gamers and gaming to be the main focus of Xbox going forward.

More Interaction Among the Xbox’s “Ecosystem”

There are a lot of interesting ideas that Microsoft’s put in place for the Xbox One. But so far, they haven’t really cohered the way the company has obviously intended them to. Spencer’s job is pretty clearly to make that happen.

More Focus Going Forward

Honestly, there’s still some trouble on the horizon. It’s a common rumor that one of Microsoft’s most highly placed executives, Stephen Elop, doesn’t believe the console business is viable. Oddly, Spencer won’t report to Elop… who’s in charge of Microsoft’s hardware business.

But with recent departures like Don Mattrick and Marc Whitten, the Xbox unit has needed somebody to give it a little focus. And if nothing else, Spencer most assuredly fits that bill. Now to see where he leads the console.

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