Google Maps Pokemon is the very best

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Google’s April Fools joke is here, and it’s wonderful. Prepare yourself for Google Maps Pokemon Challenge. It’s just, well, you know what? I can’t even get into it. It’s too wonderful and I’m only just coming to grips with that. Watch the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge trailer, and we’ll talk after you’ve seen it.

google maps pokemon challengeYes. The Pokeymonz have infiltrated Google Maps. If you have the app on your Android or iOS device, you can start taking on the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge. It’s incredibly simple, and more fun than it sounds.

You just open Google Maps and zoom in enough so you can read the names of side streets. Then, you look around. You can see images of 150 different Pokemon, as well as an occasional Pokemon Center. As you can see from the screenshot I took at the left, I went to a known Google Maps Pokemon hotspot and caught myself a Luxray, Dragonite, and Pancham. Which means even though only 150 Pokemon are available, they’re ones from the original games through Pokemon X and Y .

And yes, I know it isn’t April Fools here in the US yet. However, it is in other regions of the world. Which is probably why Google started the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge now.

So enough reading and talking. Go grab your smartphones and tablets, and start trying to catch’em all! Who knows how long our Google Maps apps will be infested with Pokemon? Get on it before they disappear forever!

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