April Fools’ 2014: Temple Run creators buying Doodle Jump creators

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temple run doodle jump doodle temple running jumpNow the April Fools’ 2014 press releases start rolling into the inboxes. One of the first is from Imangi Studios, announcing its purchase of Lima Sky. Those names may not sound familiar to you, but they’re the developers of Temple Run and Doodle Jump , respectibly. Alone, that sounds plausible. Stranger things have happened.

Except the next line is that Imangi Studios paid $1 billion in cash for its fellow developer, as well as a $200 million earn-out cash clause and hopes of making a 1 trillion install game. Said game would be Doodle Temple Jumping Run. Which would, of course, be an endless runner. And would replace Doodle the Doodler with the Temple Run hero Guy Dangerous, as well as erase any mention of Lima Sky and transition from 2D to 3D.

Basically, it’s a lovely mishmosh of ridiculousness, designed to make fans of both games smile. Did it work?

Though, I must admit something. I am super disappointed in Imangi Studios and Lima Sky. Your April Fools’ 2014 announcement is quite funny, so it isn’t about that. No, it’s because you didn’t make a Doodle Temple Jumping Run screenshot. Which meant I had to make a Doodle Temple Running Jump screenshot. That abomination up there is on your heads.

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