10 Amazon Fire TV Apps Worth Playing

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The Amazon Fire TV is now a thing, and it’s probably pretty hard for many of us to think of it as anything more than a glorified Roku or Ouya. Still, there are a number of people out there who are going to want one of these things like yesterday, because that’s how it always is when a new electronic device is announced. For them, there’s some good news. The Amazon App Store has over 100 Amazon Fire TV games on it, so at least you’ll know there will be something to play when your $99 box and $39.99 controller with 1,000 Amazon Coins ships.

But, how will the new owners said coins? There are a lot of apps out there. Fortunately, this list of the 10 best Amazon Fire TV games should help make the decision easier.

the cave amazon fire tv games
The Cave – $4.99/499 Amazon Coins

For those who know what darkness lurks in the hearts of men.

amazon fire tv games dead trigger 2
DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Free-to-Play with in-app purchases

For those who like to shoot things.

amazon fire tv games
Deus Ex: The Fall – $6.99/699 Amazon Coins

For those who crave danger.

amazon tv games minecraft
Minecraft – Pocket Edition – $6.99/699Amazon Coins

For those who like to create.

amazon fire tv games naught 2
Naught 2 – $0.99/99 Amazon Coins

For those who like to look before they jump.

amazon fire tv rayman fiesta run
Rayman Fiesta Run – $2.99/299 Amazon Coins

For the child inside.

terraria amazon fire tv games
Terraria – $4.99/499 Amazon Coins

For those who like to create… in 2D.

amazon fire tv walking dead
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season – Free to try, $5 per each episode. (There are 5)

For those who like zombie stories with heart.

you dont know jack party amazon fire tv games
YOU DON’T KNOW JACK Party – Free-to-Play with in-app purchases

For those who think they’re smart.

zen pinball hd amazon fire tv games
Zen Pinball HD – Free to try, but you must pay for each pinball table.

For those who appreciate the classics.

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