DOOM beta is just for PS4 and Xbox One

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Planning on buying Wolfenstein: The New Order for PS3 or Xbox 360? Looking forward to that DOOM beta with your pre-order? Well, then we’re afraid we’ve got some pretty bad news. Oh, and bad news for Xbox One users as well.

First, according to the FAQ, you’ll get the beta key no matter what version you buy… but the PS3 and Xbox 360 copies will come with beta keys that only work on the PS4 and the Xbox One. So, if you were hoping to try DOOM out on the console you currently own, you’re pretty much up the creek. We are certain, of course, that no enterprising gamer will possibly sell their beta codes they can’t use. That won’t happen at all.

Oh, and Xbox One users? You’ll have to be a member of Xbox Live Gold in order to access the DOOM beta. Just to rub it in, you will not have to be a member of PS Plus to play the Doom beta on the PS4. A small glimmer of hope is that if you digitally pre-ordered the game, you will still get your beta code: Bethesda is working on it.

Essentially, right now, the PC version of Wolfenstein: The New Order looks like your best bet. And we do get the situation: Bethesda is limited both by the technology available and the policies of the console networks they have to work with. Many, many cool ideas are torpedoed by technological realities in gaming.

On the other hand, it is a bit of a letdown that the major pre-order incentive is something that most gamers on previous systems won’t get a crack at, and will sit unused. Perhaps Bethesda can sweeten the deal with something they can actually play, like, say, the older versions of Doom? Sure, it’d go on the pile of shame, but at least it’d be something.

Source [Bethesda]

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