Microsoft gives a week of Xbox Live Gold to make up for service interruptions

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Xbox logoXbox Live wasn’t in the best shape when Titanfall launched in March. You may recall lots of people couldn’t sign in to Xbox Live and couldn’t play Titanfall as a result. The outage lasted some hours before Microsoft fixed everything. However, as a show of good will, Microsoft is giving everyone who was affected by this seven days of free Xbox Live Gold service.

Many people (myself included) were notified of this over Xbox Live Thursday evening with the following message.

“We know you experienced an issue signing in on your Xbox One on 3/11/2014. We apologize and will soon give you 7 days of Xbox Live Gold for your inconvenience.”

Considering how the outage didn’t even last a day, offering up a week of Xbox Live Gold is pretty generous. Many of us probably won’t even notice our yearly subscriptions being extended by a week, but it’s nice to know it will be.

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