Half-Minute Hero returns in Second Coming

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half minute hero II
The sequel to the gloriously clever Half-Minute Hero action RPG has come to Western Shores today via the graces of Marvelous AQL and Steam. Boasting an expanding story and a more in depth role-playing features. The game has been teased for a while now, but is now available for your pleasure at last.

For those unfamiliar, Half Minute Hero is best described as a “meta-RPG”, taking Japanese Role Playing Games’ most egregious faults and satirizing them. Instead of long, drawn out stories and hours of grinding, Half-Minute Hero‘s quests take only minutes, pushed along by a thirty second timer than must be quickly reset before the world ends. Battles are ground down to side on encounters that resembled a stripped down version of the original Y’s battle system, where you’re character bumps repeatedly into enemies (and sometimes uses a healing item) to rapidly level up. Each stage even begun with another number added onto the title (in parody of Final Fantasy’s ever growing sequels) and ended with a full credits sequence. The rest of the game was full of clever gags like this, pleasing for both long time RPG fans and those who’d become tired of those increasingly stale tropes.

half minute hero II_02The new game focuses exclusively on this main quest mode, and adds some new features, including four player online multiplayer. Additionally, they’ve added persistent leveling separate from the leveling in each quest, party members, special moves, enemies visible on the map (which you can instantly destroy if you are high enough level), and a full world map. The developers have added Steam Workshop support as well, which will allow you to create and share custom maps to play on. The trailer also shows off some other gimmicks, like uh, Jeep racing?

For those interested in the sequel, you can find more info, as well as a trailer for the new game over at Half-Minute Hero II’s Steam page. It should also be noted that owners of the PC remix of the original game Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy (yes, really) will also receive a discount on the game. Personally, I’m rather looking forward to being reunited with the series’ charming sense of a humor and chunky neo-retro art style.

Product Page [Steam]

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