Amazon owns ComiXology

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comixologyA major deal just went down, did you hear? Amazon owns ComiXology now. You know, the site that’s responsible for providing tons of people access to their favorite comic books and graphic novels digitally? It’s a huge move. Which means big things for people who enjoy reading comics. Perhaps even some huge things could be coming.

The most important thing to know is if you’re a current ComiXology user, nothing will change. You still own all the comics you’ve bought from ComiXology and they aren’t being taken away from you. You can still buy new installments from ComiXology as usual. It just means things could expand in the future.

To start, since Amazon owns all of those various Kindle devices, it probably means it’ll be easier to get comics on Amazon devices and through Amazon apps. After all, now that Amazon owns ComiXology, they’re going to want all of their customers to have access to the latest and greatest books out there.

That’s also good for you. Now that ComiXology has such a powerhouse behind it and will likely be getting more customers, it means their reach will extend. They’ll be able to “take comics further,” just like they’ve always wanted, and perhaps will get an even wider range of titles. (Though, their library is already pretty impressive.)

So while this ComiXology acquisition probably doesn’t mean much will happen right away, you may want to keep an eye on them. Now that Amazon’s behind them, they’ll probably have big announcements coming.

Source [Comixology]

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