Sony details SHAREfactory and pre-loading games on PS4

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Sony shared some more details about the upcoming firmware 1.70 update for the PlayStation 4. We knew things such as HDCP removal and the ability to export videos and screenshots to USB drives would be coming, but we now know how video editing will be handled moving forward. On Wednesday evening, Sony revealed a new app called SHAREfactory. SHAREfactory will let us stitch together our gameplay videos. Much like the Xbox One’s Upload Studio, we’ll be able to add commentary and transitions to our collection of clips. We can also import our own music to play over the clips.

The PS4 currently saves videos and screenshots automatically. However, after the update, this function will be removed.

Pre-loading is also coming in the update. Pre-loading allows us to download an unreleased game before it’s officially released. We won’t be able to play it until release day, but we also won’t need to worry about day-one downloading anymore.

Sony still hasn’t given a release date for update 1.70, but it says it’ll be available soon. Hopefully that means this week.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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