30 minutes of Wolfenstein: The New Order is telling

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wolfenstein the new order
Wolfenstein: The New Order is arriving on May 20, 2014, and it’s a shooter Bethesda has pinned some high hopes on. But are those high hopes merited? Well, there’s a pretty easy way to tell. We can just take a look at how the game plays and see what’s what.

That’s because there’s some gameplay footage of Wolfenstein; The New Order courtesy of Bethesda. Let’s go ahead and start by giving you full access to the 30 minutes of footage from Bethesda’s Twitch stream of the game. It, in turn, comes from the PAX East 2014 demo that was playable on the show floor:

First of all, it’s fairly clear that this isn’t going to be reinventing the wheel. At least, it isn’t in the opening. Admittedly, the updated, modern mechanics do well for the franchise: The takedowns and stealth, as simple as they are, do add an element of strategy we’re liking. It seems like you can play it quietly if you’re low on ammo or play it as loud as you want.

I also like what I’m seeing of in the level design. It’s not exactly open world, but it’s not on rails, either; there appear to be at least a few ways of getting around and blowing stuff up, which is always good for adding a little variety. Also, a nice touch is being able to commandeer Gatling guns and artillery to take down giant robots or hose down large groups of Nazis. Sure, it’s nothing world shaking, but it’s still fun to see in action.

Though, I do have to admit that I was hoping for a bit more gameplay in the vein of the unnerving second trailer, where our hero falls afoul of the Nazis while trying to get a cup of coffee on a train. That would have been nice to see. But, hey, I’ll take what I can get, especially if it involves blowing up giant robots with Wolfenstein: The New Order on my PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One.

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