Studio Pixel’s Pink Hour will break you

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studio pixel pink hour
This isn’t a recommendation or an announcement, this is a warning. You aren’t ready for Studio Pixel‘s Pink Hour. Even hours of frustration with Flappy Bird haven’t prepared you. Pink Hour is the one. It is the game that will break you, even if you’ve survived all the others.

Don’t let that cute exterior deceive you. It is a facade. That pink blob is not your friend, and neither are any of the allies, enemies, and environments she will encounter. She will bring only pain, only frustration, as you attempt to perform what sounds like an exceedingly simple task. Gather a few papers for The President? How hard could that be? Bone-crushingly hard, of course.

And the fact that it’s free makes Pink Hour‘s mercilessness even worse. Playism and Studio Pixel know how difficult it is to resist something that’s free. So, to trap us, it’s a free download. They say that’s to promote Kero Blaster, Studio Pixel’s next game, but we know the truth. The developer and distributor know Pink Hour is the think that will get us hooked. We won’t rest until we’ve mastered it, even if it takes weeks, and will then go on to Kero Blaster to further prove our superiority.

I know you won’t listen to me, even though I’ve already experienced Pink Hour and know exactly what it’s capable of. It’s a free game and you’ll all go running to try and say, “Me next!” Well, have at it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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