Don’t make video games your job

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Although I’ve only recently made it into actual work, I’ve been writing about video games and even dabbling in making them for years. During that time I’ve met a lot of people who want to make games their job, people who work in the industry, and read many stories about the conditions developers put up with. Still, I hear a lot of people aching to make video games their job.

You shouldn’t. Here’s why:

Though, if you’re really dedicated, my words won’t dissuade you. I know how people can get when they have a dream. If you’re passionate about video games, then you’re going to want to do anything to break through. And perhaps, if you have that kind of drive, you will do well. But just know that this industry isn’t as star-studded as you may believe, and I hope my thoughts have made you think.

If you’re going to do something, go in informed. Do your research about the professional world surrounding video games, and once you do know what to expect, go from there.

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