Sale Xbox One games at Best Buy, Amazon

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sale xbox one games
Ready for a Xbox One deal? Of course you are. Sale games are always welcome, and sale Xbox One games even more so because they’re so new and it’s so unlikely for them to actually get discounted. But, it’s happened, and it’s a big one. Best Buy decided to make three Xbox One games part of its online Deal of the Day.

If you visit Best, you’ll see Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, and Ryse: Son of Rome are all on sale. Each game is $39.99 for today, April 30, 2014, only. $20 has been taken off the price of each, and free shipping is offered. But, don’t run off to buy from there just yet.

Amazon is price matching Best Buy’s online deal. Ryse: Son of Rome is also $39.99 there. Dead Rising 3 is $39.99 at Amazon too. Forza Motorsport 5, however, is the exception. It isn’t $39.99 at both retailers. It’s cheaper at Amazon, as it’s only only $35.

In either case, there’s free shipping offered on the sale Xbox One games. So it doesn’t really matter if you choose Best Buy or Amazon. If you have that Best Buy rewards card or a store near you, though, you should probably get the games there. Aside from the free shipping option, you can also go with an in-store pickup if one of the Best Buys near you has the game.

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