Duke Nukem Actor Looking to Appear in Robot Chicken

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duke nukem robot chickenJon St. John, most famously known for his role as “The King,” Duke Nukem, is looking to lend his talents to the popular Adult Swim cartoon, Robot Chicken. In a recent post to his Facebook page, Jon gauged his fans interest in his appearance on the show.

In case you’re having trouble reading what he said in my screenshot of Jon “Duke Nukem” St. John’s status, here’s my humble transcription.

“Hey friends and fans – I’m a fan of Robot Chicken and I would LOVE to have my Duke Nukem action figure (and of course my voice) in an episode some day. I’ve messaged Seth Green (I’m a fan) but he never responded. Anybody out there know if Seth is a gamer and maybe even a Duke fan? It’s my new goal to get Duke in an episode…what do you think? — with Seth Green.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that a Video Game character has appeared in the stop-motion, popculture parody. And laws regarding parody as fair game would make the Duke’s appearance fair game.

What do you guys, think? Would Duke Nukem’s appearance in Robot Chicken be something you’d be interested in seeing?

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  • http://goatse 2hot4u

    No activity on his Facebook in 2 years. Also, he describes himself as “actor/director”, but it seems he’s only worked as a “production director” for various radio stations. I’ve never heard of this site before. Is this a PR company masquerading as “news”?

    • Jenni Lada

      It was on his personal Facebook. The one on Facebook you’re probably seeing is the “fan” page for him. Ben knows him first-hand and I verified that the status update was real before the story was allowed to run.

  • Benjamin Maltbie

    I respect your fact checking. It’s rare to see that these days, and it’s refreshing to see that people don’t trust everything they read online.

    This time, the article is factual, though. There are several pages on FB for Jon; this was pulled from one of the more popular pages and verified with Jon himself. If you want links to work I’ve done with Jon in the past, or want to wait for future podcasts/interviews featuring him, I am more than willing to assist.