Touch Detective gets a new game, Nendoroid

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touch detective 3 nendoroidI am on cloud nine, people, and you should be too. A fantastic, DS adventure series is making a comeback. We’re getting a new Touch Detective game! Well, technically Japan just did. BeeWorks and Success have just released Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina Raijingu 3: Nameko wa Banana no Yume o miru ka?, better known to us as Touch Detective 3, on the 3DS in Japan. Not only that, but the new game is also getting a Nendoroid from Good Smile Company to go along with it!

The previous Touch Detective games had Mackenzie attempting to become a great detective, and a fantastic touch detective. As in, she’d solve crimes and would also have a comprehensive journal detailing what everything in the game felt like. Touch Detective 3 begins with her as an official, recognized member of the Great Detective Society. She and her anthropomorphic, mushroom assistant, Funghi, go around solving mysteries and touching things, as usual. However, a young man named Shiro shows up with his assistant, Minako. He wants to be the greatest detective, sees Mackenzie as his competition, and the game follows the two of them trying to prove who’s the best while solving cases.

A US release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Touch Detective 3 did only just come out in Japan on May 1, 2014 though, so it may take some time. Hopefully, Atlus will pick it up like the did the first two games. However, we will definitely see the Good Smile Company Touch Detective 3 Nendoroid worldwide in September 2014. The Nendoroid is a figure of Mackenzie, with a little Funghi to accompany her. She will have 3 expressions, extra arms, and even little Funghi will have extra arm parts. It will be about $38 when released later this year.

And so, Touch Detective rises from the ashes and returns to our consoles. Let’s hope Atlus has news on it around or after E3 2014!

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