Another Xbox One update is coming this month

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Microsoft has been very persistent when it comes to improving the software experience on the Xbox One. It seems like every time we turn around there’s an update. Next week, Microsoft will be releasing another update for early access individuals. This update isn’t necessarily huge, but it does include a highly desirable feature – volume control for snapped applications.

This was one of the most notable omissions from the Xbox One at launch. Whenever you would view two apps that both contained audio, there was no way to balance the audio levels to your liking. You could completely mute an app, but that was it. When this update hits for everyone later this month, we’ll have access to a sound mixer for this very purpose. Also, the new chat mixer can adjust the audio levels for Kinect when you’re using it to chat.

The other half of the update deals with Kinect. You can help Microsoft improve the algorithms that assist Kinect’s voice recognition capabilities. You can do this by opting in to a program that will let Microsoft access voice data. Basically you’ll be letting Microsoft listen in on your conversations. You don’t need to do this, but the option is there.

Source [Xbox Wire]

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