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vita slim
The new Vitas are hear! The Vita Slim has launched in North America on May 6, 2014, and anyone interested can pick up a shiny new system. Sony’s taken what it learned from the initial incarnation of the Vita and used it to make the Vita Slim more attractive and cost effective. It has a longer battery life for one, probably owing to the LCD screen instead of the OLED, and has 1GB of memory built into it. Naturally, it’s thinner than the first version of the system and weighs less as well.

Now, if you want the Vita Slim model, you should grab the Borderlands 2 bundle. It’s $199.99, a fantastic deal, and gives you Borderlands 2 and all of it’s DLC as well as an 8GB memory card to get started storing everything. Grab that and a year of PlayStation Plus and you’ll be set for a year.

As a Vita owner since launch, I highly recommend the handheld. It has a great library of games thus far, and Sony’s really been making a push to make it more attractive. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of games announced at E3 2014. Though, I think I’ll always favor the old, OLED Vita over the Vita Slim. That OLED screen is the best display ever.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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