GOG Spring Insomnia Sale may keep you up nights

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gog spring insomnia sale
Last year, GOG tried a new approach with its sales and launched a Fall Insomnia Sale. A selection of games were put on sale, in limited quanities, for brief amounts of time and insanity ensued. It was so popular that now, a GOG Spring Insomnia Sale has begun.

Like the Fall Insomnia Sale of 2013, the Spring Insomnia Sale of 2014 follows the same general rules. Games will appear on sale on the GOG homepage. They will be up to 90% off, and the informative box will say how much a game is and how many copies are left. 100 games will be reduced, and the sale goes on until all of the reduced copies run out.

Now, last time there were some problems. Like Jack Keane, for instance, remained on the sale page for far too long because nobody wanted to buy it. (This resulted in false 5 stars reviews, in an attempt to trick people into buying the game so a new one would appear.) Apparently, GOG is doing something to ensure that won’t happen again.

The other issue was with free games. Every once in a while, the box will offer a game for free, with the fastest clickers getting a copy. with the Fall Insomnia Sale, it was near impossible to score a freebie. This time, however, GOG is guaranteeing that free games will be much easier to grab when they do appear.

The Spring Insomnia Sale is on at GOG until the games are sold, so bookmark the site and keep an eye on it for the next week.

Source [GOG]

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