Red Dead Redemption may finally be a PC game

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It’s been an ongoing, and frustrating, issue for PC gamers. Rockstar takes its sweet time, if it even bothers, getting its games onto PC. Fortunately, relief might finally be on the way for one of Rockstar’s biggest titles, Red Dead Redemption .

Even if it is four years late. Red Dead Redemption has been out for years on consoles, of course. The game, mockingly called Grand Theft Horse before it came out, has inspired a passionate fanbase and sold millions of copies. None of which were on PC, as we noted. And Rockstar hasn’t exactly been in a big rush to change that: After all, we’re coming up on the game’s four-year anniversary without so much as an official peep of a PC version.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not in the works. NeoGAF has uncovered a “Windows Compatibility” listing for Red Dead Redemption, which is usually a good sign that the PC game is on the way. Microsoft isn’t noted for making things up with its certifications, after all.

Why should we be excited, four years and a new console generation after the first game? Well, for one thing, it throws the doors open to modding Red Dead Redemption. As anybody who follows the GTA PC community knows, modding the game has become one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes, to the point where the game has been completely rebuilt and redesigned by some of the more ambitious members of the mod community.

It also might mean a deeper dig in the game’s source code uncovering more about it. It’s a fascinating game in its own right, but the history behind games such as this are often even more fascinating, and hard to find. Again, this isn’t official word, but it seems like after years of asking, PC gamers will finally get their chance to ride off into the sunset with John.

Source [NeoGAF] Via [CVG]

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  • James Dunham

    It is already being Modded on Both the Xbox AND the PS…

    It has been for years now.

    Actually it is currently broken and Unplayable online for both the Xbox AND PS..

    A Group of Malicious Modders/Glitchers has broken the game causing the servers to overload. This has gone on for Months.

    A Clan called the GLITCHED Clan has taken responsibility and to date Rockstar has done NOTHING to fix the game or stop them.

    The Game is pretty much dead now..

    If this game were to ever get to PC it would not last a week before it was rendered unoperable by these essentially Red Dead Terrorists.

    You should know this… why don’t you?

    Go to Rockstar Support.. (GLITCHED MATRIX calls himself RDR4Life in the support forum)

    Go to GLITCHED DEMON’s Youtube Channel

    It is all there… The Months of Complaints.. The Utter lack of proper response from Rockstar and GLITCHED DEMONS admission with video showing him engaged in the Act on his own Youtube Channel.

    This all Started when a Player Called GLITCHED MATRIX began his personal war on the game itself and formed the GLITCHED CLAN. He is now known as GLITCHED BANE and says he has left the Clan.. But still encourages the other members saying it is “Their time to Shine”..

    You the media should be doing a better job of reporting this and thus Pressuring Rockstar,Microsoft, and Sony to do something about these Problematic Players.

    • Mr. Know It All

      I reckon you can’t escape GLITCHED. We see you.