More PSOne Imports enhancing Vita, PSP, and PS3 libraries

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psone importsOh boy, oh boy, there are more PSOne Imports coming to the PlayStation Store! We’re getting more Japanese games to play on our Vitas, PSPs, and PS3s. It’s a good day to enjoy everything niche. Though, to be more exact, tomorrow will be the good day. That’s when Gungho Online Entertainment is releasing the six games on the PlayStation Store for $5.99 each.

Though, most of these PSOne Imports will go over people’s heads. This batch is primarily for people who have some grasp, however minor, of Japanese. You’ll need to recognize some hirigana, katakana, and kanji to succeed in almost every game. Dragon Beat: Legend of Pinball is the exception, since it’s a pinball game with an almost-RPG mode. The other games are much more text heavy, but also more interesting.

To start, there are two idol raising simulations. Heroine Dream and Heroine Dream 2 are among the offerings, and task people with helping a singer become a success. There’s also the Recettear-esque, Sarara’s Little Shop. In it, you manage a shop to determine the success of RPG adventurers. Neo Planet is all about making a planet habitable. Most interesting might just be Tokyo 23-Ku: Seifuku Wars, an RPG about a group of students that gets involved in a Japanese civil war after school uniforms are banned. Yes, that is the weirdest sentence you will read today.

As always, it’s fantastic to see the lineup of the PlayStation Store diversify. Even though these PSOne Imports are untranslated, there are quite a few games there and even people who don’t understand the language can enjoy them. Keep an eye out for them tomorrow, and grab them when you can. You never know when a contract agreement could expire and they’ll disappear from the store, like with Yakiniku Bugyou!

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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