Xbox Live Gold restrictions may be ending soon

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xbox live gold cardSome of the practices Microsoft is utilizing in Xbox Live are downright ridiculous. The most obvious practice is requiring a Xbox Live Gold subscription to access services you already pay for such as Netflix, Hulu or the WWE Network. The abolishment of this requirement is long overdue. Fortunately, such a thing could be on the horizon. Ars Technica cites sources that claim Xbox Live users won’t need a Gold subscription to access the aforementioned services in the future.

Microsoft hasn’t responded on the matter. Chances are such a big announcement will wait until Microsoft’s media event at E3. Then again, we were promised pre-E3 announcements as well.

Microsoft could still keep some features behind the Xbox Live paywall. Xbox One features such as Game DVR and full access to television features are Gold-only. Perhaps that’s more appropriate since it can be considered an added value you can’t get anywhere else.

Source [Ars Technica]

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