It’s Easy to Break Bound by Flame

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bound by flame
As you may recall, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Bound by Flame on the PS4. It has issues. Which is why I insisted on playing it during an all-night gaming session with friends. We love to play and mock mediocre games, so naturally we had to fire this up.

Except, our Bound by Flames didn’t go as expected. Within the first few minutes of play, my friend managed to break the game and fall off of the map, into the abyss. We reloaded, and decided to recreate the incident. Now, we were offline and didn’t have a mic nearby, so this fabulous footage is coming to you courtesy of an iPhone 5c.

Join us, as we break Bound by Flame.

As you can see, the screen goes dark and the further one runs, the smaller the character becomes. Also, the mini-map’s avatar indicator arrow moves beyond its boundaries and journeys up to, and past, the top of the screen. It’s staggering. There are no killboxes, and one could probably run like that forever.

If you’d like to recreate this Bound by Flame glitch on the PS4, just start a new game, sit through the unskippable prologue, and, once you can start controlling Vulcan, attempt to scale the outcropping of rocks immediately to his or her left. He or she will drop through the rocks and fall into a black hole forever.

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    There are cool games but bugs all around make it a bit annoying. Mostly we take advantage of such bug if it is an online game. I do hope there can be a really cool game without bugs. Star Citizen is one on my watch list.