Shenmue 3- Could this be the year?

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Shenmue 1Shenmue 3 is one of those things that feels inevitable. There are always rumors, but these are constantly punctured, spiting their way down to Earth with a hearty, fast fart. With E3 2014 fast approaching, the drums have started beating again, but is there actually something to it this time?

So let’s say that Shenmue 3 is coming, but we still have no idea as to its final destination. There have been solid rumors that Shenmue 2 HD is done and ready to go to the company that picks up 3. Yu Suzuki has been seen paling around with the Sony people and, of course, Microsoft has been fishing for exclusives and has supposedly landed “a major third party IP”. Not to mention Nintendo’s exploration of “additional SEGA IP

Personally, I hope that it’s not exclusive to anyone so people who weren’t old enough, or didn’t have a Dreamcast, can finally experience the grand experiment that made Grand Theft Auto and every other sandbox games a reality.

So is Shenmue 3 coming? Who knows. We’ll all find out the real truth in next week. It’s just too bad Suzuki already ruined the ending.

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  • Jack

    Where are these pictures and hints that you claim Corey posted? There is nothing on the link you provided past 2013….

  • Iten-kun

    I second Jack’s comment. Please don’t post such things without some thorough fact checking… This is f%#-)*n Shenmue 3 we’re talking about here! Haha

  • Iten-kun

    Me again hah. Just wanted to say don’t get me wrong… Any news about Shenmue is great and appreciated. I want a new release this year more than anything and there have been some interesting developments as of late. I’m just pointing out that we’ve been waiting for over a decade so anything reported (especially something as potentially game changing as Corey dropping hints) that is not true is going to hurt some feels.. So please do be mindful 😉