15 Feels Every 3DS Owner has Had

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3dsI know we all have our “feelings” about those Buzzfeed style lists. But, as gamers, we also experience all kinds of unique emotions when certain things happen with our favorite consoles. I got together with my 3DS-owning crew this weekend for various reasons, and of course talk sometimes wanders to our systems and thoughts on or about them. Some of them were, I must say, damn near brilliant. Which is why I present to you, the 15 feels every 3DS owner has had.

1. When you look at your 3DS and see that green light that can only mean StreetPasses.
2. When you and your friends compare StreetPasses after visiting the same event, and you find out you have less than them. (“Dude! We were at the same place!”)
3. When you and your friends compare StreetPasses, and you have more than them. (“I don’t know how it happened. I guess my 3DS is just… better!”)
4. When you look at your 3DS, see the blue light, and get all excited, only to find it’s Nintendo trying to hock one of their games.
5. When Nintendo announced we were losing Swapnote because parents couldn’t keep an eye on their kids. (Parental Controls people – it isn’t rocket science.)
6. When you learned you’ll have Miiverse on your 3DS to replace Swapnote.
7. When you realized you never use Miiverse on your 3DS.
8. When you buy an eShop game, then forget to register it with Club Nintendo and miss out on sweet, sweet coins. (They should really send you an automated reminder.)
9. When you realize there’s one, tiny part of your 3DS that feels off or loose, and suddenly start babying it. (“Why does the back panel feel like it’s pulling away from the system?”)
10. When you take your 3DS out in public and suddenly realize you’ve become a magnet for any child under 11. (“No, you can’t play. You’re sticky. Where are your parents?”)
12. When you had a 3DS, and Nintendo announced a 3DS XL.
13. When you realized you never use the 3D effects, and you could have saved so much money by getting a $99 2DS.
14. When you realize the 3DS game library is so much better than you ever thought it would, or could, be.
15. When you realize you don’t have enough time and money to buy all of those fantastic games.

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