E3 2014: 7 Most anticipated new IPs

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E3 2014 game teasers, hands ons, and announcements have been making rounds on the web. Some recent, others have been building since they first made waves at E3 2013. While we can anticipate certain sequels making an appearance (ahem Uncharted 4), what of the new IPs? Titles that even the most sensationalistic journalist couldn’t dream up.

Many have already been announced, but according to panel schedules there are still more that are unknown entirely. Here are the ones we know about so far.

Project Beast
Unknown if it’s a Dark Souls sequel or a new IP, gameplay video and screenshots for this unknown title were recently leaked (possibly on purpose). Nevertheless, I’m sure our questions will be answered in a few days at E3 2014.

Lords of the Fallen

While the trailer brings thoughts of Dark Souls’ “Prepare to Die” tagline to mind, digging deeper into the gameplay and story quickly whittle those thoughts away. This action RPG’s fighting system has more in common with Darksiders and Ninja Gaiden—players will have to consider positioning and practice moves in order to be effective. Also, where Dark Souls gave a feeling of loneliness with little story to follow, Lords of the Fallen’s protagonist has a bigger mission.


With an art style that’s reminiscent of Dishonored this multiplayer online battlefield has a different twists than the run-and-gun of Call of Duty and the spell casters of Dota 2. You’re characters largely deal in hand-to-hand combat, with options for some ranged weaponry. The environment is part World War I and steampunk.

Sunset Overdrive
In a sea of post-apocalyptic downers, Sunset Overdrive stands out as one of the only bright, bubbly games coming out this year (that isn’t made by Disney). It takes the end-of-the-world theme and brings more Zombieland than The Road to gameplay and story.

This 4v1 multiplayer has been leaving good impressions. While the odds don’t seem favorable to start, keep in mind that the 1 is a monstrous beast and the 4 are easily digestible humans. The line between being a hunter or a helpless beast, and becoming the hunted or a deadly predator can change in a moment.

destiny bungie
This game needs little introduction. Hailing from the legendary developers that created the Halo franchise, Destiny debuted at last year’s E3. This MMO first-person shooter takes players to a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been driven near excitation, and with only one city left to call home you—a Guardian—must defend it. Seeing more at E3 2014 will certainly help the wait for the July beta release.

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Announced at E3 2013 this game has been high on player’s radar. The premise is dark and intriguing, and the technology involved is ambitious. In this open-world online shooter, you play as a secret unit, activated when a virus is released on Black Friday in New York and chaos has fallen upon the City. Since the release date has been push back till 2015, it’ll be good to see progress since last year.

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