E3 2014: We better hear about Dragon Age Inquisition Romances

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dragon age inquisition romances
Okay, listen, that EA E3 2014 press conference was all well and good. There’s going to be a lot of great stuff coming in 2014-2016. But we didn’t hear about the thing that mattered – the Dragon Age Inquistion romances. Yes, my friends. There was one thing I wanted from the press conference, and frankly? I didn’t get it.

Now, I’m not saying I just wanted to hear an EA representative say that my Inquisitor would be able to run her hands through that sexy pelt of hair situated on Varric’s chest. (Yes I did.) I’m not saying I wanted to know if she could tame the Iron Bull. (Though that would have been appreciated.) Tell me the wait for Cullen is finally over. (Please.) I need specifics. This E3 2014, EA has to show us the Dragon Age Inquisition romances.

The time is right, if you think about it. The game is coming to the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on October 7, 2014. It’s only four months away! EA’s already confirmed that it will be revealing the remaining companion characters this week. Take it a step further and let us know which ones can be our special friends. (Cullen needs to be our special friend already!)

We know that one of the best parts of a BioWare game is the way characters interact with each other and a player’s avatar. It helps sell games and get players excited about a title. What better way to hype people up this year than by not only showing us the full cast, but also saying which ones can and can’t be loved up? Do us a solid, EA. Tell us everything we want to know about the Dragon Age Inquisition romances.

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  • Meli Landry

    Is it really that hard to wait for the game, though? Or wait until they are ready? I know we’re all so anxious to know everything about the game, period. We’re curious and invested into this game so wholeheartedly. We want to know that it’s going to be worth our time. We want to know that emotions we’re throwing at these characters are worth it.

    But I can’t help but flinch when anyone demands that BioWare tell us anything at all. They don’t owe us any information upfront at all, really. They just owe us the game we pay for in the end. Anything they give us now is just icing on the cake. They’re information freebies that no one is obligated to share.

    Why do we feel so entitled to this info?

    • Jenni Lada

      I think that, for the reasons you mentioned, we should be getting this information. EA is already asking for pre-orders. So, before we invest any money or more attention/excitement in it, we should be given this information so we know if t will be worth our time and if the emotions we’re throwing at characters are worth it.

      Also, my article was done with humorous overtones. I’m guessing by your response that you clearly didn’t catch that.

  • http://Thisone Phoenix Pryme

    Ur female inquisitor can caress the eleven curves of sera. Sera likes herself some girlie action. Sorry bout the males who desire sera for their male inquisitors. She only into females

    • Jenni Lada

      Really? During the E3 demo I saw, it seemed like Iron Bull and Sera had some chemistry. (Though, that could have just been a friendship brewing.)

  • http://Thisone Phoenix Pryme

    I mean elven curves. It’s late and I’m at work. Sorry