E3 2014: Your Destiny includes a White PS4

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destiny white ps4 bundle
Ready for one of those big, as-it-happens, E3 2014 announcements? Here you go. There’s going to be a Destiny PS4 bundle, and it will be the only way you can get a white PS4. That’s pretty snazzy. Especially if you have a white Wii U and are planning on getting a white Xbox One. Because you know console coordination is important.

Want to watch the Destiny white PS4 bundle announcement? Here it is. It’s not even a minute, so you aren’t missing anything if you decide to gloss over this.

So there you go. There’s going to be a new PS4 color. Other than the particular shade, it’s identical to the existing, black PS4. A price hasn’t been announced, but if we’re lucky it will be $399.99. If not, expect around $449.99 instead. We’ll see when Destiny is released on September 9, 2014.

Of course, this deal doesn’t exactly work if you’re one of those people who likes to try before you buy. The Destiny beta is coming first to the PS3 and PS4 in July 17, 2014. However, to get access to said beta, you have to pre-order the game
. So, people who want this bundle can’t get early access to the beta. Unless they wait for one released to the general public. Then yeah, they can try it first.

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