E3 2014: Sony Press Conference Wrap Up

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Where to even begin? Sony came out swinging, showing us oodles of new Destiny footage, and then just kept swatting ’em out of the park. They showed us in quick fashion: LittleBigPlanet 3, The Order: 1886, new inFAMOUS: Second Son DLC and more. But they were just getting

We finally learned the identity of FROM SOFTWARE’s mysterious “Project Beast”, an all new IP called Bloodborne. They told us about exclusive Beta access to Destiny on the PS4, exclusive Beta access to Battlefield: Hardline, and exclusive Disney Infinity content. Exclusive was rally the word of the night for Sony. Like Magika 2, and the entire upcoming Devolver catalog launching first on PS4 and Vita.

There some great surprises as well, such as a new Suda 51 title, Let It Die, and Abzu, a gorgeous new game from the people behind Journey. There were so many other game announcements that it was hard to cover, but there was plenty of news on the hardware and services fronts as well, like the Playstation TV box being $99, or $139 with controller/game bundle. Certain enabled Sony televisions will be able to play Playstation Now content without a console,  and the presence of playable Project Morpheus demos at their booth.

Then there was the announcement of a new exclusive series Powers, a new trailer for the Ratchet & Clank movie, and exclusive content and features in many multiplatform titles, such as being able to invite friends to play Far Cry 4 online, even if they don’t even own the game.  Oh, yeah, and a new Uncharted title, A Thief’s End.

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 features new characters with uniqe powers
  • Far Cry 4 can be played online with friends who don’t even own the game
  • Doublefine is re-releasing Grim Fandango for Ps4 and Vita
  • Ps4 getting YouTube support
  • The Playstation Now beta goes live on July 31
  • The original series based on the comic Powers will be free to watch to PS+ members
  • Vita will be getting Child of Light and Tales of Hearts F
  • The Vita port of Minecraft will be the full console version, including online play
  • The original Ratchet & Clank is being remastered for PS4
  • Last of Us themed exclusive Diablo 3 dungeon crossover
  • Telltale Games is making a Borderlands spinoff Tales From Borderlands for the Vita
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