E3 2014: Welcome to the new E3, same as the old E3

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e3 2014 outsideE3 2014: Welcome to the new E3, same as the old E3

It’s that magic time again. Every gamer physically able has descended on E3 2014. It’s bright, shining, glorious, new, and… honestly not that much different than last year. There are the same kinds of banners adorning face of the LA Convention Center, most bought by Ubisoft, Sony, and Square Enix. An Assassin’s Creed is front and center, Sony’s monopolizing the front of the West Hall, and there are various outdoor installations for the few people who will be venturing outside to enjoy.

Not to mention, Atlus has again supplied the badge insert for every attendee. Nothing like seeing Teddie’s bright, shining face staring back at you. Er, scowling, actually.
teddie e3 2014
Okay, maybe it’s sometime unsettling, but still.

The thing is, the consistency isn’t such a bad thing when it comes to E3. We expect certain things from our expo experience, and it’s a comfort to see some things remain the same each year. I probably speak for all members of the press when I say I’m a big fan of the E3 2014 floor plan resembling that of previous years. It makes scheduling appointments and working out a game plan so much easier.

It’s also comforting when it comes to announcements. We know with each E3 2014, that there are failsafes. We’ll see installments in established series like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and perhaps even Halo, Uncharted, Zelda, or Mario. For better or worse, there will always be a Sonic. It lets us know that there’s constantly something to root for. Even if the triple AAA, unexpected, new IPs disappoint, we can always take heart in knowing that the latest installment of a familiar timesink looks a little bit better this year.

The occasional surprises are lovely, of course. We appreciate all of them. But, sometimes the things I look forward to most at E3 are the ones that haven’t really changed. I like knowing the staples will always be here, ready to give me a reason to be excited and go on, just in case.

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