E3 2014 Preview: Rollers of the Realm is a pleasant surprise

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rollers of the realm
A long, long, long time ago, and I’m dating myself here, there was a pinball RPG for the Game Gear called Devilish. It was okay, put forth a good idea, but wasn’t really amazing. I played the first few “tables” of Rollers of the Realm today, and I get the feeling it won’t disappear into the ether as Devilish did.

The beginning of the E3 2014 Rollers of the Realm demo started, well, at the beginning of the game. I was playing as the rogue, though technically I was playing as a pinball which represented the rogue as she began her adventure. It was on the PS4 and quite easy to play, using the triggers to activate flippers and the right analog stick to let loose the ball.

The first level began with the rogue trying to get into town. However, guards were blocking the gate. So, I had to hit the ball around the field, earning mana points, so she could summon her dog. Once enough mana had been stored, I summoned the dog with a push of the button, hit the “rogue” towards a manhole, and got into the city.

Rollers of the Realm‘s next “table” showed the rogue sneaking into town. It was a treasure free-for-all, and I was able to send her careening around the town square, hitting people to “rob” them of money, and even having the chance to get the ball to a certain area to get a key for a treasure chest. Given that this involves quite a bit more strategy and finesse, I wasn’t able to grab the chest before the next “challenge” appeared.

This came in the form of a boss fight. Yes, Rollers of the Realm has bosses. This first one involved some kind of knight, the second character, being assaulted by guards. The rogue was able to get involved, and this meant attacking the guards by hitting them with a pinball. In a nice twist, attacking from behind meant doing additional damage. You know, what with rogues backstabbing and all. Once the first batch of guards were dispatched, more naturally poured in.

That’s when something cool happened. The rogue, having a dog, has a multiball ability. She summons her dog to join her in the “field”, which puts two pinballs in play. It was interesting to see how this, the backstabbing, and stealing mechanics you’d see in traditional RPGs were encorporated into Rollers of the Realm.

Yes, I’m quite confident after playing it at E3 2014 today. You’ll be able to see Rollers of the Realm for yourself too, before too long. Atlus and Phantom Compass are working to bring it to the PS4, Vita and PC before 2014 ends.

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