E3 2014: What’s Up with Idea Factory International

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Part of the fun of every E3 is getting to talk with various developers, publishers, and PR people about things that have, or will be happening in the world of games. Case in point, I was able to speak to Acttil’s Nao Miyazawa about not only what’s going on with her company, but also with Idea Factory International.

To start, Idea Factory International has been very pleased to see fans supporting their first US release, Monster Monpiece. (Especially since they got so much feedback from people who played.) The company was concerned, since there were some censorship issues with certain cards and uncertainty about how people would react to such a risque game, but it did well. She also mentioned that the company felt the lower price point of $29.99, as opposed to many Vita games that launch at $39.99, helped with the general reception.

There was also some hinting about Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1. While there still isn’t a definite release date, Miyazawa did hint at something special for devoted Neptunia fans. Namely, there might just be a super limited, special edition. So if you have a Vita and are a collector, it may be wise to set some money aside.

In terms of other juicy details, Idea Factory International apparently has future games planned. Of course they aren’t at a stage where anything can be announced at the moment, but Miyazawa says that there’s quite a wealth of Sony titles in the Idea Factory catalog. Also, she mentioned that Idea Factory International won’t be handling all future Idea Factory releases outside of Japan. Since it is a separate company, Idea Factory will continue to be going to other publishers like Aksys to have games localized.

Finally, I had to ask Miyazawa about Acttil, which just recently celebrated its one year anniversary. It’s been a busy year too, as the company has published Nobuo Uematsu’s Blik-0 1946 ebook, an array of Japanese Folktale ebooks, helped with Little Witch Academia promotion, and even assisted Tecmo Koei with the translation of Atelier Escha & Logy. She also mentioned that Acttil will be helping with promotion of Greg Rucka’s AR-K, a new point-and-click adventure game to keep an eye out for in the coming year.

Bascially, both Acttil and Idea Factory Internation have been quite busy, and it will be interesting to see what happens for these two fledgling companies as they grow.

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