E3 2014: The Arkham Knight Sounded like Troy Baker

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I’m here to drop a little E3 2014 conspiracy theory on all of y’all here today. On my last day at E3, before I ran to go make my plane, I watched a Rocksteady Batman: Arkham Knight presentation. It was taken from the very beginning of the game, when Batman is attempting to break into this chemical factory Scarecrow has taken over to save the 5 remaining employees within and figure out what’s going on. It was mainly designed to show how the Batmobile works in battle, but I noticed something else interesting.

This segment is when the Arkham Knight makes his first appearance to taunt Batman. He would have tried to kill him a few times, too, if Scarecrow hadn’t ordered him to stand down. While the Arkham Knight was clad in full body armor, complete with something of a cowl, his identity was supposed to remain a secret. Especially since there was some kind of voice changer software in place to try and make him sound different.

Except, something about him sounded really familiar. Now, if you’ve read GamerTell for a while, you’ll know I’m something of a Troy Baker fangirl. (Way back since Peach Girl and Persona 4, in fact.) I can say, with 95% assurance, that Baker is voicing the titular Arkham Knight in Batman: Arkham Knight.

I asked some of the Rocksteady developers on hand, but they said they weren’t ready to talk about voice actors just yet. However, It does say on IMDB that Baker is set to return as Two-Face in Batman: Arkham Knight. However, the characterization of the Arkham Knight in the E3 demonstration didn’t match Two-Face’s personality. Baker also voiced Robin and The Joker in Rocksteady’s Batman games, so perhaps he’s being called upon for a fourth, different character?

It’s just a shame press wasn’t allowed to record any of the footage. I’m sure if we could have, others would have recognized Baker’s dulcet tones. As far as a theory as to the Arkham Knight’s identity, I think it’d be kinda cool if it was Robin gone bad.

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  • Brian Allen

    One of the rumors going around is that it’s former Robin Jason Todd, so Baker definitely fits if that’s the case.