E3 2014: OwnPhones Earbuds Become Custom Fit Fashion Statement

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When Apple released their redesign of the conventional earbud style of headphones, they did so with the idea that ears are shaped differently from one another and the design of earbuds should be able to adapt accordingly. It’s a nice maxim, and it’s hard to refute. But when they launched their “Earpods,” it was hard to say they made any actual progress towards their goal.

Enter OwnPhones, a company intent on changing the way headphones are designed and manufactured.

Originally, a fashion designer, company CEO, Itamar Jobani, once created a 3D printed dress with the hopes that its defining uniqueness would catch on. Unfortunately, the market didn’t take to it the way he had hoped. He began thinking on a smaller scale. The result, OwnPhones’ custom tailored earbuds.


Using an app they developed,  OwnPhones is able to take the dimensions of one’s ear and build a product accordingly. From there, custom designs can be added on top of the wireless technology to make each order a fashion statement for the customer. And with rumors that Apple will be putting a proprietary audio jack into their future models, wireless earbuds that employ Bluetooth are a breath of fresh air. Wireless earbuds that will actually stay in your ear, I mean.


And because of their flexibility, OwnPhones will be able to be used during various physical activities. Itamar Jobani kept this in mind with his designs. Before scanning my ear, he showed off a model that had LEDs on it. He didn’t know this at the time, but I’m a sucker for LEDs.

With the LEDs in place, customers jogging at night will be assured at least one safety measure to stave off potential tragedy. The earbuds will also feature the ability to filter in external noise so if a customer doesn’t want to be completely isolated from their environment, whether they’re driving or sitting at their desk, they have that option.

The LEDs also boast the ability to communicate to others non-verbally, assuming the product takes off. For instance, changing a setting to “Do Not Disturb,” could be reflected by a red LED, whereas a non-busy office worker may be content with a green LED indicating that they are approachable. The design philosophy seems to be largely grounded in flexibility and options.

The product isn’t available for purchase yet, but it is already 60% funded. To assist in their Kickstarter campaign, OwnPhones is managing their publicity first. That should be good news to the apprehensive types when the Kickstarter officially launches in July, since this company seems to know what they are doing when it comes to management.

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  • Ryan Trenhaile

    These are really cool.

  • Jason

    Really cool idea and just what my ears need! The OwnPhones Kickstarter campaign is live now!!