E3 2014: Skylanders Trap Team has the Coolest Characters

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skylanders trap team
Listen, it’s been almost a week since E3 2014. If you love the Skylanders series and are interested in Skylanders Trap Team, you’ve probably ready at least two or three previews by now. So this isn’t going to be one of those. You have some idea of how the game plays, especially if you’ve played a Skylander game before. Instead, we’re going to go over how cool the Skylanders Trap Team characters showcased at E3 2014 were. (Answer? Super cool.)

skylanders trap team
We’ll start with the hero characters. As you can see from the image at the right, there were 7 Skylanders Trap Team NFC figures at E3 2014 to use. Five were Trap Masters, while two were new Core Figures. From left to right, you’ll see Chopper, Food Fight, and Jawbreaker in the front row. In the back, there’s Wallop, Krypt King, Wildfire, and Gearshift. Snap Shot was also available, but the alligator is not pictured in this shot.

    Snap Shot: Snap Shot looks like he’d be an archer, but most of the attacks I had him performing in Skylanders Trap Team involved using his bow and dagger for hand-to-hand, melee attacks. Also, he has an Australian accent like Dino-Rang

    Chopper: Chopper is a baby tyrannosaurus rex with a helicopter jet pack. He’s probably the cutest Skylander I’ve ever seen, is capable of flying short distances, and has a missile attack.

    Food Fight: I was really impressed with one of Food Fight’s basic attacks. He fires tomatoes at his opponents. However, if the attack misses, the thrown tomato will grown into a plant, which can be harvested by walking over it. Grabbing a tomato from a plant makes the attack stronger.

    Jawbreaker: I honestly didn’t get to see or use Jawbreaker much, but he’s a tech Skylander Trap Master.

    Wallop: I saw Wallop showcased when it came time to bust up some traptanium crystals clustered in a Skylanders Trap Team level. Only Trap Masters, with their traptanium weapons, can destroy such clusters to access new areas. He looks to be a heavy hitting character.

    Krypt King: I’m already a big fan of Krypt King. He’s essentially an undead mummy with a massive, powerful sword. Think of him as an upgraded, better looking version of Chop Chop.

    Wildfire: Wildfire was the only fire Skylander at the E3, and I was disappointed that I didn’t get to use or see many fire skills from him in Skylanders Trap Team. Instead, most of the attacks focused on him making use of his shield. Which is fine, but with a name like Wildfire, I would have expected constant fire-breathing and such. Also, he kind-of looks a bit like the MGM lion at Las Vegas.

    Gearshift: Like Jawbreaker, I didn’t get to use Gearshift much. However, I thought she was one of the best designed Trap Master figures, and liked the positioning of her character. Appearance-wise, she reminded me of Tira from SoulCalibur.

As for which ones were my favorites, I’d have to say I liked Chopper and Gearshift best.

I was also able to see and work with two villains. But first, some good news. If you beat a villain who can be trapped, but don’t have the right trap for him or her right away, they’re still stored away in your vault, regardless of whether or not you used a Trap Master to fight and defeat them. (Trap Masters just do additional damage to capture-able bosses.) You just can’t use them until you have their corresponding trap. Also, villains can only be used for a brief amount of time, before they’re forceably swapped out until their power gauge is refilled.

  • The Shrednaught: The Shrednaught was a tank that had a huge chainsaw mounted onto it. It was manned by two trolls, appropriately called Troll 1 and Troll 2. While controlling a huge, chainsaw tank had some novelty, what made this villain special was the banter between the two trolls. They actually referred to themselves as Troll 1 and 2, and I loved hearing their sniping back-and-forth from the new Portal of Power’s speaker.
  • Buzzer Beak: Buzzer Beak is a super tiny bird with a propeller hat that can turn quite deadly. Simply put, he’s incredibly adorable and wouldn’t look out of place among the small birds in Pixar’s short film, “For the Birds.”
  • Painyatta: Painyatta is a gigantic, hulking piñata that throws up candy to damage his enemies. He also has a snappy theme song that sounded like it was performed by Mariachis.
  • Broccoli Guy: Broccoli Guy is a mage that looks like a floating stalk of broccoli. He uses magic attacks, and also has the ability to create a glyph on the ground that will heal any hero or villain Skylander that stands on it.
  • Wolfgang: Wolfgang is a rock-and-roll werewolf with a harp. He uses music themed attacks, like a stage slide, to fight his enemies and is apparently one of the strongest villain characters.

When it comes to the best villain, there’s no contest. Painyatta won my heart at E3 2014.

Skylanders Trap Team will be out on October 5, 2014. For $74.99
, you get the game, Snap Shot, Food Fight, Water and Life Traps, and the new Portal of Power. Personally, I’d recommend waiting to buy it until Black Friday 2014, because the starter kits always go on sale the weekend after Thanksgiving.

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  • alex

    there is a blurry dragon for air on the trailer can you figure out who it is and tell us plez for me i have every skylander and a huge fan but i need to know also do you think this is a cool name in place of high five [dragofly] any way thankn you

  • alex

    thanks for update

  • Aiden Ross

    I really hope that I get Krypt King. Why? Because he reminds me so much of chop chop .who is one of my favorite undead Skylanders.