E3 2014: Golf is boring, so EA Sports PGA Tour added battleships

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EA Sports’ latest PGA Tour game won’t include Tiger Woods, but an F-14 Tomcat may be a possibility. EA Sports PGA Tour will use the Frostbite 3 engine, and will be the first next-gen golf offering. EA wants us to know it can do almost anything with the new technology. So they’ve started out by doing almost anything with it. The E3 trailer for PGA Tour is making us openly wonder if the power hasn’t gone to their head, Lawnmower Man-style:






Well, anybody that wondered whether this would be arcade or sim-oriented appears to have their answer. The game will feature fantasy courses from other EA games, including Battlefield. No word on whether that course will include any of the recent Battlefield installment’s best-known glitches. Now, one of my favorite years of EA’s Triple Play included baseball fantasy arenas such as the moon and a giant living room. Recent arcade sports games such as NBA Jam haven’t sold well, so maybe the answer is folding the arcade components into regular titles.



Before this reveal,  PGA Tour was best known as “the first EA golf game in years to not have Tiger Woods in it.” Now the star of the game appears to be the Frostbite 3 engine. If this type of marketing sparks sales, they may never need to pay for a big name player on the cover again. Yes, competitors and journalists alike had a hardy round of “What is EA thinking?” questions after the reveal. HB Studios, currently working on its own title called The Golf Club, released this video:

Competition is always a good thing, but it didn’t seem that the market could support even one golf game annually, let alone two. We’ll find out soon enough, however. PGA Tour is targeting a 2015 release date on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while The Golf Club is shooting for 2014. It’s already in closed beta on Steam, and will also appear on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.





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