You can get on the Battlefield: Hardline beta right now

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If you’ve seen the trailers for Battlefield: Hardline, you find yourself asking two questions. One, why would people give supposed peace officers such ridiculously overcharged firepower? And two, when can I play this game? How about right now?

Basically, if you’ve got a PC up to the task, you can just sign up for the Battlefield: Hardline beta right now and receive instant access. And there are incentives if you do, namely a weapon camo/skin, a weapon sight, addition content, and a unique dogtag for Battlefield 4 . If you enable Facebook Sharing and reach Rank 10, you’ll get $1000 in in-game cash and a special Battlepack.

It’s very generous, but what’s up with EA being so giving all of a sudden? Well, after the… what’s a nice way of putting this… after the debacle that was the constant patching and fan rage surrounding Battlefield 4, EA clearly feels the need to earn back a little gamer goodwill.

Also, Battlefield: Hardline is by all accounts rather technically complex and they probably want to put the servers through a few stress tests before it rolls out this fall. Which brings us to the fact that this is a beta, and as such, isn’t exactly covered in layers of polish.

Battlefield: Hardline does look pretty good, we will admit, and it does play quite well: Hey, it was an open beta, of course we strapped in and loaded out to try it. But there are still bugs and the like, so go in aware that not everything is perfect. That said, it’s a lot of fun and the change in setting from the front lines of war to the war on crime has done wonders for the franchise. Now to see if EA can keep it up right through to fall, and how the single-player campaign feels when you play through.

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